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Hothouse Flower

Eau de Parfum
Ineke Ruhland - Ineke

Ineke: Hothouse Flower is a tribute to the lush, creamy scent of gardenia. A legendary hothouse flower that needs extra love and attention, gardenia is a flower that has always made a dramatic statement from Billie Holiday’s hair to French gentlemen’s boutonnières. Hothouse Flower is a gardenia soliflore that is particularly green and aromatic with notes of galbanum, fig, cypress, absinthe and frankincense.  

Dave: Fresh, peppery gardenia, Earl Grey, creamy green fig and wood. Airy and uplifting.

Hothouse Flower Notes: Earl grey tea, green foliage, cypress, gardenia, galbanum, fig, frankincense, guaiacwood, musk, corn silk.

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