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Balmy Days & Sundays

Eau de Parfum
Ineke Ruhland - Ineke

Ineke: Balmy Days & Sundays is a perfume about perfect moments on a relaxing Sunday, lying in the grass, breathing the smells of sweet scented flowers and fragrant leaves.  Let your senses be awakened by this elixir of fresh botanical scents. Green notes of foliage and grass are entwined with the sweet scent of yellow freesia, honeysuckle and rose.  Forecast: Balmy weather and whispering soft-scented breezes.

Dave: Dewy, long meadow grass - air sweet with lily, peppery freesia, and honeysuckle - full sunshine.

Balmy Days & Sundays Notes: Freesia, leafy greens, grass
honeysuckle, rose, mimosa, chypre accent, musk.

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