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Geisha Amber Rouge

Perfume Oil
Maria McElroy - aroma M

Maria: Following in the tradition of the grand perfume house of Guerlain with Shalimar Initial and Chanel with Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere, we have taken our cult favorite, Geisha Rouge, and given it a new interpretation - Geisha Amber Rouge. This is a beautiful, feminine fragrance composed of seductive sensual spices and woods. It is mellow yet racy, smoky and appealing. It is a gentle, irresistible red flame conveying the meaning of vivacious sensuality held in check… but just barely. Geisha Amber Rouge gives a nod to Oriental perfumery in its use of rare vintage ingredients from the desert. Moroccan amber joins forces with deep wood resins, cinnamon, clove and hints of star anise. Characteristically spicy notes of the original Geisha Rouge blend with that of Japanese incense. Inspired by exotic travels to Morocco and Istanbul, Geisha Amber Rouge is a perfume poem, an ode to the Byzantine. Drawing on the treasured oils from the silk road, Geisha Amber Rouge is representative of aroma M’s cross-cultural fluency in perfumery, creating an olfactory journey between east and west. 

Dave: Warm and cool spices, sensual honeyed amber, resinous and woody incense. Rich and seductive.

Geisha Amber Rouge Notes: Amber, cinnamon, clove, star anise, resins, incense.

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