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Desert Flower

Edition of 25

Maria McElroy - aroma M & House of Cherry Bomb

This heady floral chypre - a symphonic, mysterious and shimmering perfume, is presented exclusively by AMERICAN PERFUMER® as a limited edition of 25 bottles, each signed and numbered by American perfumer Maria McElroy of aroma M & House of Cherry Bomb.

Maria: This perfume initially recalls the quintessential American road trip. The memory of our family crossing the Mojave Desert; tumbleweeds rolling over an expanse of desert under fast moving clouds tinted deep purple. We would drive for hours, the road- sun bleached and lonely, but for a passing cowboy on his horse. As a teenager, the road trips would have me reciting Jack Kerouac lines; the beat poet’s words from On The Road, a soundtrack to my daydreaming in the long hours in the car, as it sped down the deserted two lane highway leaving a trail of dusty sand.

Several decades later upon arriving in Morocco, I found the terroir reminiscent of my American Western roots. As I journeyed further into the Sahara desert, I was overwhelmed with its vastness and poignant beauty of the velvet evening sky illuminated by stars so bright I swear I could grasp them in my hand. I imagine wandering into the endless desert; its violet shadows and silence, its sand and sweet flower aroma swirling and lifting to cloak me with mystery and nostalgia.

Dave: It’s with great pleasure that we present our 2nd Limited Edition, "Desert Flower," with our good friend Maria McElroy of aroma M & House of Cherry Bomb. Made for us at parfum strength, "Desert Flower" is not only as vast and soaring as the landscape it evokes, but also intimately complex and deeply satisfying. A perfume lovers perfume, "Desert Flower" is as smart and thoughtful as Maria herself, and a value statement for the contemporary chypre.

Desert Flower Notes: is composed exclusively of rare, vintage Arabian oils: Lina (Desert Flower), honey, cedar, muguet, flower of honor (Desert Flower), Moroccan oud, Moroccan vanilla, Moroccan violet, chypre, and Moroccan Amber.

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