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Eau de Parfum
Shelley Waddington - En Voyage Perfumes

Shelley: This perfume celebrates the life of Frida Kahlo; the woman and artist, her suffering, her Mexican heritage and her love of nature. Frida was feminine, fearless and a revolutionary; she cross dressed, smoked cigars, and has been a part of pop culture for over 50 years. A world-travelled sophisticate who had love affairs with both men and women, Frida remained happiest at Casa Azul, her traditional family home. Tuberose, a flower that the Aztecs called the Boneflower, is an important note in this perfume as an homage to Frida’s brutal calamities and artistic transformation. Other notes include the hibiscus that she wore in her hair as well as the tropical blossoms and plants of Frida’s garden. The fragrance also devotes close attention to other details of Frida’s life, such as the heat of her native Mexico City, the smells of her cigarettes and her heavy hair.   

Dave: Narcotic and hypnotic. Melon, musky white florals, dry tobacco, incense. Tropical-garden exotic and, like Frida herself, very sexy.

Frida Notes: The fruits of Frida’s garden including apricots, watermelon, peaches, lemons, & lush greenery, tuberose, hibiscus, cactus flower, champaca, ylang ylang, gardenia, & jasmine, light woods, sugar, oakmoss, aldehydes, myrrh, frankincense, & copal, tobacco, green pepper, sexual animalic notes, musk, amber.

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