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Mardi Gras

Extrait de Parfum
Ellen Covey - Olympic Orchids

Ellen: Every year in late winter New Orleans puts on a grand party like no other. It’s a rainbow-hued, glittering, skanky, riotous, celebration of everything there is to celebrate, flowing in and out like a shiny snake amidst the flower-strewn, humidity-drenched, decaying streets of the French Quarter. Mardi Gras may present a polite, rich veneer of real orange blossom and vanilla, like a southern belle delicately munching on a beignet dusted with powdered sugar, but behind the pretty, festive costume are dark undercurrents of voodoo and hoodoo, midnight rituals and outrageous secrets that can only be unleashed under the protective camouflage of the innocent-looking mask.

Dave:  Sexy-sweet. Orange blossom, honeyed civet, creamy vanilla. Near edible.

Mardi Gras Notes:. Orange blossom, neroli, cistus, benzoin, vanilla, civet, special musk blend.

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