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John Frum

Perfume Oil
Amber Jobin - Aether Arts Perfume

Amber: With a main note of Vanuatu Pepper sourced from the island of Vanuatu, this unique tropical perfume transports you to the beautiful and remote Melanesian Islands. Fresh lime and coconut-water mix with the scent of tropical fruits. The fragrance of mischief flower, jasmine and ylang ylang float on the trade winds. Exotic woods and vetiver bring you down to earth while Vanuatu pepper weaves its magic throughout.

Dave: Bright tropical fruits and florals, pepper, vetiver. Lush and unique. John Frum won the 2014 Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan category.

John Frum Notes: Lime & coconut water, tropical fruits, tropical flower accord Vanuatu pepper, vetiver, exotic woods.

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