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Eau de Parfum
Mark Sage - Clandestine Laboratories

Mark: Madrid is one that’s been in the works for years and is bold, yet pleasant to wear. Based on the lemony-woody lit-from-within quality of the magnolia flowers in front of the Royal Palace of Madrid and an animalic-cedar men’s fragrance that was everywhere on the street there in 2015, this has contradictory facets with the heightened naturalism that is typical of our fragrances, but also a bit sharper/more camphoraceous than previous releases. It’s lemony and a little dangerous, clean yet dirty, raw yet refined, old-school yet cutting edge. Unisex but leans masculine, it’s more woody, animal and spicy vs floral and has a cedar bite with contemporary transparency.

Dave: Camphorous, lemony magnolia and dry cedar wedded to a base musky, petrolic leather. Classically cool and fresh with a sexy, contemporary edge.

Madrid Notes: Rosemary verbenone, lemon, magnolia, ginger, cedar, gasoline, oiled leather, white musk.

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