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Corpse Reviver

Eau de Parfum
Bruno Fazzolari

Bruno: Corpse Reviver is a re-interpretation of Cadavre Exquis, a limited-edition scent that I created in collaboration with the talented perfumer, Antonio Gardoni a few years ago. It has become a cult classic, and we sold through our 99-bottle run very quickly.

My new version dials back the animalics a bit. I add a whiskey accord built on an extraordinary French oakwood absolute . This fabulously sticky, dense material is extracted from French oak and smells like bourbon and caramel. Corpse Reviver, named for a hang-over remedy (aka cocktail) from the 1920’s is like a fruity winter drink made with an intense Italian Amaro, whiskey, dark chocolate and a dash of our beloved civet.

Dave: Camphorous chocolate and burnt caramel cut with whiskey, dried fruit and civet. A boozy, bitter, herbal gourmand. Singular and strange.

Corpse Reviver Notes: Blood orange, camphor, whiskey, rosemary, tagetes, dried fruit, anise, cypress, dark chocolate, vanilla, civet.

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