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Body Made Luminous

Eau de Parfum
Alexis Karl - Scent by Alexis

Alexis: BODY MADE LUMINOUS is a dark, sweet and heady blend of all natural moroccan rose, chocolate absolute and fossilized amber. It blooms with the warmth of the body, trails of smoky amber and bitter chocolate decadently balancing traces of elegant flowers. Body Made Luminous was inspired by Michel Foucault's Utopian Body essay, and was created as the first fragrance in my Utopian Body series and considered the first line of an olfactory poem, and represents the narcotic intimacy of new love. A body made luminous, A body secret, sacred, cyphered. You are the harmony of being, my dreaming eternal.

Dave: Dark chocolate - made creamy and sensual through jasmine and amber.

Body Made Luminous Notes: 35 million year old fossilized amber, cocoa, Moroccan rose.

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