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Eau de Parfum
Mark Sage - Clandestine Laboratories

Mark: England in the 1970’s smelled great, back when everyone burned coal in their fireplaces for heat, the smoke lingering in the earthy greenery of the countryside, an underlying warm-smoky sweetness that is unforgettable and instantly recognizable.

That quality is combined here with the fresh, mossy green of hedgerows, leather, woods, hawthorn, narcissus and pastures in the rain to yield an evocative fragrance that is fairly masculine in character and performs well. It might also appeal to a woman who likes bold, woody, smoky-sweet fragrances or to anyone who might want to smell like a smouldering hearth in a faraway cottage beneath a starlit sky.

Dave: Sweet green grass, hawthorne-spiced tobacco and peaty leather highlight a damp walk in the countryside with the soft smoke of coal burning in the distance. Evocative, warm comfort.

Wendover Notes: Grass, hyacinth, narcissus, muguet, woods, tobacco, hawthorn, tonka, coal smoke, peat, cypriol, castoreum, musk, leather.

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