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Eau de Parfum
Charna Ethier - Providence Perfume Company

Charna: Vientiane is a perfume comprised of rare and costly essences. Named after the capital of Laos, Vientiane means “city of sandalwood.” Vientiane was once known for its abundance of sandalwood trees, hence the name for our new botanical sandalwood based perfume. Vientiane is a soft sandalwood scent built upon a creamy jasmine rice accord, three types of rare and costly sandalwood, Chinese silk vine, ginger lily and rice paddy herb. A rich, powdery, real sandalwood forward scent.

Dave: Complex sandalwood, alternately green, creamy and woody - each aspect underpinned by a milky, steamed jasmine rice accord and gingered florals. The warm, buttery, cozy sandalwood of memory.

Vientiane Notes: Jasmine rice accord, three types of sandalwood, Chinese silk vine, ginger lily, rice paddy herb.

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