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Shawn Maher - Maher Olfactive

Shawn: This is not a pipe. Ceci n'est pas un parfum. The famous words painted in the surrealist Treachery of Images, illustrating how our perception and our language differ from our actual, visceral experiences.

The notes are not truly the tangible, physical items themselves, but rather a well as extractions and this composition. And this idea behind this painting is very much in line with this perfume, which includes notes that are more familiar to day-to-day life than anything I’ve ever created.

And as is often the case, Treachery is wholly indulgent and self-comforting.

Dave: Musky, boozy vanilla pipe tobacco - stone fruit and leathery saffron dusted with dark cocoa. Rich and resinous rather than overtly sweet, Treachery is the dense, layered, comforting smell of a classic tobacconist’s shop.

Treachery Notes: Pipe tobacco, vanilla absolute, sweet almond, cocoa, whiskey, saffron, spices, davana and berries.

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