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The Harmony of Being

Eau de Parfum
Alexis Karl - Scent by Alexis

Alexis: THE HARMONY OF BEING is composed of smoky black agar, ambergris, coffee flower, labdanum and beeswax absolute set against lighter notes like lilac, Moroccan rose, mimosa, neroli and petitgrain sur fleurs, with a syrupy lily of the valley winding through. This scent is about balance- a volley of illumination and shadow. Most of The Harmony of Being is composed of natural notes: rare, precious and elegantly sensual. 'The Harmony of Being' represents the exquisite balance between two people.

Dave: Light and dark florals over honeyed resins and a multilayered black agarwood. Sensual.

The Harmony of Being Notes: Black agar, muguet, petitgrain sur fleur, orange blossom, lilac, cedarwood, tobacco flower, labdanum, mimosa, ambergris.

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