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The Cobra & The Canary

Eau de Parfum
Josh Meyer - Imaginary Authors

Josh: When a tip from a clairvoyant leads 23-year-old Neal Orris to a rural Connecticut barn housing his deceased father’s secret obsession, a pristine 1964 Shelby Cobra Roadster, it is the getaway ticket he was desperately searching for. After liberating his best friend Ike from his dead-end job on the family farm, the two hit the open highway. Aiming for the Palm Springs race tracks, their journey is a blur of seedy motels, cool swimming pools, hot debutantes, cocktails, and cigarette smoke. Each stop finds the friends inventing new pseudonyms and personas for themselves, their innocent game hurtling into the depths of decadence and desolation.

Dave: Hard-worn, dry leather, aromatic hay and warm asphalt - fresh cut, curing tobacco. Rugged comfort.

The Cobra & The Canary Notes: Lemon, orris, tobacco flowers, leather, hay fields, asphalt.

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