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Tabac Citron

Eau de Parfum
Charna Ethier - Providence Perfume Company

Charna: Inspired by the French countryside, Tabac Citron contains fresh lemon zest, Provencal lavender, cedrat, and blonde tobacco shimmering in the early summer sunshine. Rare sandalwood and black spruce balance the sweet tobacco and crisp lemon. Think newly shorn golden tobacco leaves drying in the warm breeze. Sophisticated & clean.

Dave: Eyes closed, warm sunshine on your face. Juicy lemon and herbal lavender bridged by sweet florals to soft, smooth tobacco, distant conifer and creamy sandalwood. Lived-in, classic comfort.

Tabac Citron Notes: Lemon, rosewood, pink grapefruit, lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, white tobacco, sandalwood, black spruce.

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