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Eau de Parfum
Christophe Laudamiel - The Zoo


Dream “This world was too small for him and so he flew to space, where he found some out-of-this-world love."

Scent Trampoline into the future. A scent can be abstract, helping you think into the future. Beside man-made molecules, some natural extracts can be used for that purpose. Indeed, all naturals do not smell natural. The neon-green and yellow sensation in the scent are created thanks to notes found in Egyptian mimosa, white wine and acacia flower. They are combined with some interesting molecules the same way synthetic materials are used in skyscrapers to create new effects.

Twist Spray, close your eyes, and think of nothing.
{ Fine Fragrance }

Dave: Anisic, sheer florals - sweet ozonic suede. Weightless and warm, so seamless that it can become abstract to the wearer - until somebody nearby is compelled to stop and ask the sky where that strangely beautiful smell is coming from. You say nothing.

Spacewood Notes: Egyptian mimosa, white wine, star anise, acacia flower.

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