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Eau de Parfum
John Biebel - January Scent Project

John: A fragrant exploration of two primary scent facets: marigold and incense. The bright gold flower, underutilized in perfume, has a green and fruity character. In this perfume it is paired with an incense accord made with guaiac, sandalwood, cypriol, champaca, opopanax, musk, smoke, and rose. Mint, sage, and heliotrope complete the full profile to elevate the perfume to its own usual height.

Dave: Medicinal green stem and minty sweet flower cushioned by powdered woods, herbal amber and airy incense. Expansive - and radiant.

Serin Notes: Incense, marigold, sage, and heliotrope. The incense accord within the perfume is constructed with a number of separate notes: guaiac, cypriol, sandalwood, smoke, rose, wood, and citrus. The marigold accord is constructed with tagetes, calendula, opopanax, mint, sweet musk, and white champa leaf.

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