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Eau de Parfum
Christophe Laudamiel - The Zoo


Dream American sailors meeting Russian sailors.

Description Originally created upon a friend’s request in 2002, SAILORS intends to represent both sensuality and friendship around the globe. A friendship that shall go beyond the political confrontations of the flags on their ships… Not to mention most find these friendly sea voyagers quite sexy.

Twist This is a perfumer’s remix of Déclaration for Men (Jean Claude Elena/Cartier Parfums 1998). Just as a DJ creates a remix from an existing song, making it more dramatic and dancey.

In SAILORS, bass (base) notes were added with deeper sexier tones: Cashmeran®, a touch of Seaweed, Cinnamon Leaves and Clove…, along with resounding notes: Javanol® and Ambrox® Super big time, natural Indian Sandalwood big time, Wolfwood®, Helvetolide®…
Some further dancing freshness was also mixed in: five Grapefruit notes, Mandarin, Lemon, molecular Violet Leaves, iso-Cyclocitral...

As per THE ZOO® Code of Ethics, if Cartier Parfums, Symrise or Jean-Claude Ellena would like to be compensated with a royalty agreement, we will gladly abide, counting on everyone to act fairly. We intend to show a new way of respecting creators as well as fighting blunt plagiarism which is entrenched and rewarded in perfumery. For instance, as a starting point, we could learn from the music arena, and go beyond to avoid its issues. Let’s be clever and legally creative.

Dave: Christophe reimagines Jean Claude Ellena’s “Declaration for Men,” as fresh citrus and sea water threaded by cinnamon and clove to creamy musk and smooth sandalwood. Familial, with the perfect cool/warm balance of its predecessor, but with its own character and emphasis. An homage to a seminal work - “Declaration” is itself considered to be Ellena’s homage to Edmond Roudnitska’s “Eau d’Hermes," which was said to be Roudnitska's riff on Aime Guerlain's "Jicky."

Sailors Notes: Grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, violet leaf, green notes, cashmeran, seaweed, cinnamon leaf, clove, javanol, ambrox, Indian sandalwood, wolfwood, helvetolide.

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