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Rose Bohème

Eau de Parfum
Charna Ethier - Providence Perfume Company

Charna: A decidedly bohemian rose scent created with rich aged patchouli, fir, tea, rare white rose essence, agarwood, saffron, turkish rose and artisan rose petal infusion. Rich, full bodied and possessing excellent sillage, this smooth scent wears lavishly on both men and women.

Dave: Earthy patchouli and over-brewed red tea bridged by animalic oud to bittersweet saffron and jammy rose. At turns herbal/dry and rich/wet, Rose Bohème is like a fantasy rose-liqueur, both apéritif and digestif.

Rose Bohème Notes: Patchouli, fir, red tea, white rose, agarwood, saffron and Turkish rose.

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