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Qajar Rose


Eau de Parfum

Maggie Mahboubian - Parfums Lalun

Maggie: Decadent and divine, the Persian rose beloved by Qajar artists and Sufi poets alike; the petals symbolize the curtains of knowledge that lead to the heart as well as to carnal intimacy. This perfume explores the many facets of the rose that include the flower and its fruits. Floral and jammy with a musk accord layered onto a Buddha-w’oudh and ambergris base. The classical pairing of saffron and rose are part of an ornate tableau that wafts languorously over a garden wall at dusk. Such fragrant intoxication.

Dave: Sweet, edible spiced rose and strawberry with a deep base of earthy patchouli, ambergris and oud. Rich.

Qajar Rose Notes: Iranian rose otto, fragonia, Roman chamomile, tagette, pomegranate, galbanum, Ethyl decadionate nat.,Turkish rose otto, Russian rose otto, rose geranium sur fleurs, davana, saffron, coffee, strawberry furanone nat., Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol nat., angelica seed, buddhawood, oudh, ambergris tincture, sandalwood, vetiver, ambrette, cocoa, katrafay, patchouli, vanilla.

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