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Plato's Tale

Eau de Parfum
Jil Croquet - Jil Croquet Parfum

Jil: Let the mermaids guarding the gates of the submerged city of Atlantis guide you into the depths of the ocean. Plato’s myth has it that the Kingdom of the Atlanteans was a wonderful city with incredible wonders. One day, Zeus, in excess of anger and jealousy, destroyed it overnight, leaving behind only the foam of the waves and the legend of its loss at the bottom of the sea.

Plato’s Tale is a sophisticated, complex and multifaceted scent, bewitching both the wearer and its entourage. Its intoxicating top notes of juicy passion fruit and fresh, sweet pineapple balance the strong personality of the marine, musky and deep ambery base notes. At the heart of the blend the violet, magnolia and voluptuous tuberose enter the waltz to form a delicious swirl of emotions.

Dave: Overripe pineapple cut with tart passion fruit wedded to creamy white flowers by a musky ocean breeze. The fruit and flower of a lush tropical garden near the sea,

Plato's Tale Notes: Pineapple, passion fruit, tuberose, magnolia, ocean breeze, musk.

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