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Eau de Parfum
Mark Sage - Clandestine Laboratories

Mark: Combining the absolute best qualities of instantaneous death by nerve agent with a dry, bitter-powdery cocoa accord and hyperreal chocolate-almond tort, Novochoc is a radical departure from previous releases while also keeping with the Clandestine aesthetic and approach to creating fragrances that are original yet comfortably wearable and, eventually, familiar and uniquely comforting. However, this one is a bit stronger than others and definitely won’t be mistaken for how you actually smell, unless you’re super chocolatey-foxy. It’s not shy, though it is fairly naturalistic. Happily it’s not sweet or cloying and the drydown is to die for.

Performance is killer, but doesn’t hit you over the head. Wearability is in line with our other fragrances, assuming you don’t overspray and enjoy chocolate, sex, and potentially knocking people dead with your dark powers.

Dave: A dry, sophisticated gourmand that features the bitter, unsweetened side of  chocolate. Paired first with almond and rose jam, the design steers clear of excessive sweetness and instead compliments the dusty cocoa with touches of cinnamon, sweet resin and musk.

Novochoc Notes: Cocoa powder, chocolate-almond torte, rose, jasmine, opoponax, cinnamon, tonka bean, Peru balsam and musk Tonkin.

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