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Moss Gown

Eau de Parfum
Charna Ethier - Providence Perfume Company

Charna: Fall under the spell of Moss Gown. Created with the rarest of botanical essences, Moss Gown beckons with a swirl of green moss, the rustle of taffeta petals, a frisson of sandalwood. Verdant notes of sunflower and mimosa give way to a unique floral composition. Stunning Tasmanian boronia, rose, coffee flower and violet leaf are at the heart of this green, creamy floral. A base of powdered sandalwood and cedar moss complete the spell. A sophisticated natural luxury.

Dave: Sun-warmed sweet dry grass and wildflowers. Herbal tea, meadow and moss. Lovely.

Moss Gown Notes: Boronia, cedar moss, chamomile, sandalwood, green tea and coffee flower.

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