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La Petite Prairie

Eau de Toilette
Shawn Maher - Chatillon Lux

Shawn: Named after the former prairies and farmland that would become South Saint Louis City where Chatillon Lux is headquartered, La Petite Prairie breathes a modern breath into the classics.

While studying the structure of many of the classics over time, but imagining how our era’s tastes impact how the structure evolves, La Petite Prairie came out. This has a timeless composition of tea-like citrus, springtime florals, well-behaved herbal notes and vetiver from Haiti and Java. It is perfect for any occasion in any era.

Dave: Herbal, juicy citrus and tart rhubarb threaded by a cool-spiced-floral accord to woody, earthy vetiver. Instant classic.

La Petite Prairie Notes: Vetiver, citrus, geranium, carnation, pineapple, rhubarb, rosemary and Sichuan pepper.

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