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La Lune de Miel

Eau de Parfum
Maggie Mahboubian - Parfums Lalun

Maggie: La Lune de Miel, "honeymoon" in French and a play on the name “Lalun”, is a perfume that evokes the mystical passion of the honeymoon as a union of sol and luna, gold and silver. This union is symbolized aromatically by the warm honey tone of the beeswax/patchouli accord paired with the cool silver of the apothecary rose. Inspired by Joseph Beuys’ artistic exploration of alchemical themes of union as a means to heal the world, especially his work with beeswax and honey.

Dave: Cinnamon spiced dark honey, comb-in, dry rose and deep, chewy patchouli. Honey lovers rejoice!

La Lune de Miel Notes: Coriander, cinnamon leaf, wormwood, Rosa Gallica, raspberry ketone natural, cumin, patchouli, beeswax absolute, vanilla.

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