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Eau de Parfum
Maggie Mahboubian - Parfums Lalun

Maggie: "The scent of her perfume, the air redolent with tropical flowers. He observes her through the jalousie window as her shadow slips by, the slats fracturing her movement. Her arms encircle him, they kiss in whispers. Ah, the ambiguity of what is seen and suspected." Carnal florals, creamy woods, tropical fruits and fresh incense. Inspired by Alain Robbe-Grillet’s eponymous novel, La Jalousie about a husband who suspects his wife is having an affair with the owner of a neighboring banana plantation.

Dave: Tropical fruits and shiso made creamy with indolic florals, and sensual through resinous beeswax and labdanum. Reverie.

Jalousie Notes: Bitter orange, banana tincture, peach, shiso, catnip, peanut, tuberose, ylang ylang, jasmine, neroli, orris butter, PEA nat., geraniol nat., fir balsam, vetiver, cistus, galbanum, frankincense, benzoin, labdanum, beeswax, guaiacwood, massoia bark, vanilla, vanillin, opoponax.

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