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Eau de Parfum
Charna Ethier - Providence Perfume Company

Charna: Irisqué, is rich, powdery, rooty, floral and musky. Iris perfumes are built on orris root, the dried rhizome of the iris. True orris butter is one of the most expensive perfume materials in the world, and is rarely used in modern perfumery due to its exorbitant price. We spared no expense in creating Irisqué, using Germanica and Pallida iris along with velvety oud, deep carrot seed and botanical musk to create a lush iris fragrance unlike any other.

Dave: Aged nine months prior to bottling - earthy, resinous orris is complemented by oud and cool, musky ambrette. Placing as much emphasis on the root as it does the flower, Irisqué is complex, smooth and sexy.

Irisqué Notes: Iris pallida, iris germanica, orris root tincture, orris butter, orris resinoid, violet, carrot seed, oud, ambrette seed.

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