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In Love With Everything

Eau de Parfum
Josh Meyer - Imaginary Authors

Josh: Written in 1982, this electrifying novel about sex, drugs, and decadence in pre-Miami Vice Florida, follows a delinquent clique of teenage girls through nightclubs, roller discos, and seedy South Beach bars in search of anything to keep the party going. Driven by an inexhaustible enthusiasm, the girls navigate a series of potentially dangerous situations with naive ease, radiating their infectious light like a disco ball and turning even the darkest circumstances into a dance party. Lauded for its unflinchingly honest portrayal of strong, outspoken, resourceful young women whose sole motivation was to have a good time, the book stands in stark contrast to the male chauvinism of the era and still resonates today. Critics have called it “an essential examination of the joys of recklessness” and “an addictive story in which every sentence glistens with sticky sweet summer heat.”

Dave: Overripe, sweet raspberry and citrus rounded by blooming, rich rose on a near-edible base of caramel woods. Devil may care.

In Love With Everything Notes: Raspberry, citrus pulp, coconut palm sugar, Madame Isaac Pereire, sandalwood, tropical punch, stardust.

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