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Eau de Parfum
John Biebel - January Scent Project

John: Gong is a fruit and green musk perfume from January Scent Project, designed as a warmer weather wear but suitable for all occasions. The fragrance was released concurrently with a music project (an album of 8 songs), which is available on most streaming platforms under the moniker January Sound Project. It features an 8 minute track of live drums and Chinese gongs composed and played by the perfumer, meant to be a companion to the fragrance.

Dave: A refreshing, cool design where blueberry, green pepper, and radish unfurl through rooty spice into musky woods. Unique, challenging, yet totally wearable and versatile.

Gong Notes: Lime, bergamot, blueberry, galanga, ginger, violet, daikon radish, green pepper, musk, amber, sandalwood, and leather.

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