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Giverny in Bloom

Eau de Toilette
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - DSH Perfumes

Dawn: An impressionist style perfume of green budding trees, wet dewy flowers and soil, that transforms to a rich floral bouquet as it wears. Be transported through time and space to a moment in Monet’s flower garden at Giverny.

Created for Denver Art Museum’s “In Bloom” exhibit ‘scent experience’, a gorgeous green and live flower bouquet fragrance was created to evoke the artist’s beloved flower garden. Two underlying bouquet designs within the Giverny In Bloom imagines the cool, blue-violet flower beds of violets, irises, and lilacs and also the red and pink areas with peonies, old roses, and carnations. The inspiration for Giverny In Bloom is not only taken from actual information about Monet’s garden but also from the flowers found in the paintings of the exhibit. This ties the scent experience to more than the Monet paintings in the show.

Dave: A complex green garden of broken stems, blooming flowers and damp earth - galbanum, a wet bouquet of roses, violets and cool carnation, grassy vetiver - everything lush and overgrown with moss and vines. Transportive.

Giverny in Bloom Notes: Ambergris, Australian sandalwood, bergamot, vetiver, Bulgarian rose, cabreuva, carnation, civet, damask rose, soil tincture, Indian patchouli, geranium, beeswax, linden blossom, galbanum, jasmine, oakmoss, heliotrope, green leaves, lemon, mimosa, iris, Parma violet, peony, petitgrain, pine needles, red rose, rosewood, jasmine sambac, lilac, Tunisian neroli, violet, violet leaf, Virginia cedarwood.

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