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Fumee d'Or

Eau de Parfum
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - DSH Perfumes

Dawn: Fumée d’Or is the scent of luxury and fire, artistry and grace, the antique and the modern; perfected through the lens of the imagination.  It’s an earthy yet atmospheric fragrance of metal, smoke, warm woods, and jasmine.

We have an innate attraction to shiny things; to gold and its luminous quality. We sense its precious nature.

Inspired to evoke the imaginary aroma of a Paris goldsmith’s workshop: an ancient place filled with the fragrance of hot metal fused with the woodsmoke of fires to fuel the smelting furnace and a touch of scent from the heavy leather apron that protects the artist at work. Created for Denver Art Museum’s “Brilliant” exhibition of Cartier’s masterpieces of the 20th Century, Fumée d’Or is a fantasy fragrance. This is not a literal experience, but what it should be.

Fumée d’Or brings together some odd ‘bedfellows’ and materials to achieve its aim. Among them are birch tar, metallic aldehydes, indolic jasmine, neroli, and a big dose of civet. The result is something unique and delicious.

Dave: Metallic aldehydes and softly smoky birch tar coated in sweet immortelle supported by indolic jasmine, incense and musky tobacco. Smooth, gilded warmth perfect for cool weather. 

Fumee d’Or Notes: Aldehydes, amber, Australian sandalwood, bergamot, brown oakmoss, Bulgarian rose absolute, civet, grandiflorum jasmine, immortelle, incense, leather, myrrh gum, neroli, oud, sambac jasmine, tobacco absolute.

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