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Eau de Toilette
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - DSH Perfumes

Dawn: A smart, sexy, and playful retro-nouveau animalic fragrance that features the fur accord paired with a spiced – boozy beginning, and a rich, ambery drydown. You will definitely feel FOXY in this!

First, is to portray and speak to another “classical” animal note, this time ambergris / amber, which I felt evoked the color of the red fox perfectly, and to create a slightly more rough and feral fur accord than I had in the past few animalic releases. The second source came from watching Wes Anderson’s portrayal of Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. I used some of the fabulous details found in the movie in the design of Foxy and I think that they work well in telling the story of the smart, sexy, creative, wild animals that foxes are. And stylish… always, intelligent and stylish. The very top note is of the ‘golden star apple” / apple whiskey that Farmer Bean basically lives off of; with the next in the line up as Mrs. Bean’s “famous apple ginger snap,” which gives a wonderfully playful introduction to what becomes a much more sophisticated fragrance as it develops.

Dave: Warm, purring animalics weave their way through cinnamon and ginger spiced whiskey to peperry carnation, oakmoss and resinous, leathery amber. Rich and textured, Foxy is carnal and cozy in equal measure.

Foxy Notes: Apple whiskey, ginger biscuit, peach skin, white cognac, spices, white thyme, carnation, jasminum grandiflorum, jasminum auriculatum absolute, liatris spicata, Spanish orange blossom absolute, iris, hyraceum, amber, ambergris, brown oakmoss, castoreum, costus, cumin, fossilized amber, French beeswax, labdanum, leather, mitti attar, fur, benzoin Siam, white oak.

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