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Eau de Parfum
Christophe Laudamiel - The Zoo


Dream “Some of the best things in life appear in darkness and will entice you to live, or tell a good tale.”

Scent Labdanum resin extracted from this wild Spanish plant smells very resiney-ambery, and somewhat leathery. Combined with large amounts of Narcissus absolute from Aubrac-Auvergne, France, the birthplace of yours truly provides a definite amber and Chypre feeling. Modern musks and strong woods are added to (reconstituted) moss.

Twist Narcisse absolute is not really floral, but very green-earthy and wet-mossey. Aubrac-Auvergne could be the French Montana, complete with dormant volcanoes, pristine lakes, less dormant rivers, and wild cattle on vast mountainous landscapes. Real moss would smell too old fashioned in this seductive blend. The pure, and much more expensive, Narcisse Absolute gives Everlasting its Chypre character.
{ Fine Fragrance }

Dave: Creamy, warm spice and earthy narcissus absolute, resinous amber and leathery labdanum - all rising as one like dense, sweet smoke from the damp forest floor. Lush comfort.

Everlasting Notes: Labdanum, narcissus, musks, woods, moss.

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