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Dev 2

Extrait de Parfum
Ellen Covey - Olympic Orchids

Ellen: This smoky, dense, and rich composition is a big, insistent fragrance that represents the romantic phase when the tempestuous love affair between the protagonist and Dev is proceeding in all of its ups and downs. It’s the fundamental seductive scent of Dev, without the darkest and most sinister of the base notes, a spicy, woody, animalic scent that stuns the senses and renders the lover oblivious to any of the horrors and dangers that might lie in wait. It combines the spiritual with the carnal in a rising plume of incense accompanied by the riff of a heavy metal bass played by an entity in a black leather jacket.

Dave: Clove and cinnamon spiced incense - smoky cade and agar tied to complex labdanum by rose and an animalic undercurrent of castoreum, civet and musk. Dark, resinous warmth - intense, and sexy as hell.

Dev 2 Notes: Three different kinds of labdanum, tolu balsam, black agar, woody accord, musks, synthetic castoreum, synthetic civet, cistus oil, incense, rose, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, cinnamon leaf, immortelle absolute, cade, davana and leather accord.

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