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Eau de Parfum
Ineke Ruhland - Ineke

Ineke: Derring-Do is a darkly romantic men’s fragrance evoking spring rain. An ode to the literary rogue, Derring-Do is the Old English term for daring, with its requisite chivalry. Be ready to embark on a new and challenging adventure. Derring-Do fearlessly combines classic fougère notes with the bracing scent of early morning spring rain. The fresh scent of magnolia flowers is warmed with a touch of cardamom and pepper. A refreshing elegance for the modern man.

Dave: A fresh citrus, rain-soaked floral fougere on a creamy base of spiced wood and musk. Crisp and clean.

Derring-Do Notes: Fresh citrus blend, rain notes, cyclamen, magnolia, fougere accents, guaiacwood, cedarwood, musk.

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