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Dangerous Curves

Eau de Parfum
Christophe Laudamiel - The Zoo


Dream Imagine you are a movie star under the spotlights.

Scent DANGEROUS CURVES was created by Mr. Laudamiel to bottle Amanda Lepore’s glamour, joie de vivre and refinement. The complex scent features the following facets:

for Cheekiness: strawberry and pink peppercorn
for Soft Beautiful Skin: peach flesh and natural tonka
for Elegance: magnolia, bergamot and natural French rose de mai
for Strength: civet, patchouli, and screaming daphnes
- without forgetting our favorite lipstick with violet leaves and ionone heart

Twist 1 The fragrance concentrate is dissolved in alcohol and real Cristal® Rosé Champagne, vintage 2012. The elegant bubbly provides an extra sensation of brightness and sophistication. Spritz while listening to her 2005 hit song “Champagne”: “…I drink Champagne like Marylin…”

Twist 2 Amanda thought it was a good idea to increase a little the cinnamon bark oil from Sri Lanka already present in the fragrance. It is an industry secret, at least in New York City, that hookers smear a little cinnamon oil on their skin to turn their johns on more.

Dave: Sparkling peppered strawberry, creamy magnolia and fresh rose enveloped by civet and warm, spiced white flowers. Sexy, smart and up for it.

Dangerous Curves Notes: Strawberry, pink peppercorn, peach flesh, natural tonka, magnolia, bergamot, natural French rose de mai, civet, patchouli, screaming daphnes, violet leaves and ionone heart.

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