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Crystal Moon

Eau de Parfum
Shawn Maher - Maher Olfactive

Shawn: This perfume revolves around osmanthus absolute, a singularly beautiful material with many nuances, some of the less celebrated (but very worthy of exploring) I brought out in this composition. The sweet, rich aspects of osmanthus become even richer through the use of lavender flower essential oil. It is made only from lavender flowers, eliminating the camphor notes that come from its stems.

Beyond that, jonquil absolute and Peru balsam create an almost woeful feeling, while the bright, floral notes of a coffee tincture that I made from a locally roasted Yigaracheffe varietal combined with raspberry and dried fruit add a savory counterpunch. Then the silken, woody notes of hinoki (a Japanese cypress) and juniper complement the effervescent, tea-like citrus aspect of osmanthus, while the amber resins smooth everything out and add a long-lasting opulence to the entire composition.

Dave: Stone-fruit and lavender threaded by honeyed jonquil to floral coffee and airy hinoki - sticky with galbanum and resinous amber. Plush and warm, Crystal Moon is as multifaceted and rewarding as the flower it features.   

Crystal Moon Notes: Osmanthus absolute, lavender flowers, jonquil absolute, Yirgacheffe coffee tincture, raspberry, hinoki, juniper, Peru balsam, dried fruit, amber resin

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