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Tempo Rubato

Shawn Maher - Maher Olfactive

Shawn: The idea of tempo rubato is one that is often used in jazz. It translates to “robbed time,” referring to the use of playing off-tempo in a way that adds some tension and feeling to the melody. Much like natural materials used in perfumery, the beauty is in the “imperfections” and the natural feel. Not flawed, but not uniform or robotic, either.

Billie Holiday’s powerful and entrancing vocal style is a perfect example of this style. It’s difficult to define, but tempo rubato isn’t just singing off beat. Far from it. It has to be done skillfully, artfully and in an indefinable manner. Miles Davis said, “A lot of singers try to sing like Billie, but just the act of playing behind the beat doesn’t make it sound soulful.”

Just like her music and her message, Tempo Rubato is a classic composition that is as relevant in today's world as it ever was.

Dave: Rich orris and green narcissus, reinforced by galbanum, juicy stone-fruit and jasmine on a base of well-worn leather and creamy musk. A classically complex, rewarding perfume experience.

Tempo Rubato Notes: Apricot, plum, neroli, petitgrain, orange blossom absolute, rose otto absolute, narcissus absolute, jasmine grandiflorum absolute, galbanum, orris butter, benzoin, leather and musk.

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