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Eau de Toilette
Shawn Maher - Chatillon Lux

Shawn: Here in Saint Louis, the word “confluence” is used for many reasons. Of course, the easiest connection is the meeting of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. But also, due to its origins as a trading hamlet, many nationalities and backgrounds had to come together to trade together and merge their cultures to work together.

This scent is a confluence of the coniferous forests and the incense burning in the newly settled hamlet. It's a confluence of cultures and of scents.

Dave: Zesty citrus and fresh ginger open into a resinous heart of frankincense and elemi before settling on a harmonious base of aromatic juniper and terpenic woods softly sweetened by benzoin. A beautifully balanced four-season fragrance.

Confluence Notes: Frankincense, palo santo, benzoin, elemi, cedar, black spruce, atlas cedar, juniper and fir balsam.

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