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Chypre Siam

Eau de Toilette
Manuel Cross - Rogue Perfumery

Manuel: Floral, Resinous, Mossy, Green, Woody, Soft Leather.
A still-life moment in the tropical eastern forest, captured in a traditional chypre structure. Chypre-Siam is a vintage-style chypre fragrance, complete with nitromusks and a huge dose of oakmoss!

Dave: A twist of lime sets in motion a beautiful progression of spiced white florals, earthy oakmoss and warm animalics - all seamlessly blended into a rich base of creamy woods and resinous leather. Chypre Siam is a full-bodied, classic chypre in perfect balance. Sublime.

Chypre Siam Notes: Kaffir lime, basil, spices, jasmine, ylang, oakmoss, sandalwood, benzoin, soft leather, civet.

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