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Bon Monsieur

Eau de Toilette
Manuel Cross - Rogue Perfumery

Manuel: Bon Monsieur is a fragrance of pure nostalgia. Having grown up in the 1980s I wanted to create a fragrance that encapsulates my formative years and that pays homage to some of the great fougeres of the time. Fragrances like Tsar, Carlo Corinto and Duc de Vervins immediately come to mind. A hefty dose of a fine lavender absolute and oakmoss form the base of Bon Monsieur. This is indeed a classic gentlemen’s fragrance.

Dave: A crisp bergamot-lavender opening heralds this aromatic design through fir balsam and spicy florals to musky moss and smooth woods. For lovers of the classic fougere, Bon Monsieur will be memory inducing.

Bon Monsieur Notes: Lavender, bergamot, fir balsam, geranium, oakmoss, carnation, lily of the valley, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, musk.

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