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Ballets Rouges

Eau de Parfum
Ellen Covey - Olympic Orchids

Ellen: Ballets Rouges is for all those who have been craving a full-bodied, updated vintage-type rose perfume complete with natural oakmoss. It’s a thickly layered, jewel-toned classic chypre in the grand style, perfect for those occasions when only a boldly sensuous statement and the romance of a dozen fragrant, musky roses will do.

Dave: A vibrant, fresh rose chypre - aldehydic and softly herbal - grounded by rich patchouli and labdanum. Perfectly balanced sophisticated and sensual new vintage.

Ballets Rouges Notes: Bergamot, aldehydes, red mandarin, fresh rose accord, rose de mai absolute, ylang-ylang, red thyme, oakmoss, patchouli labdanum, and musks.

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