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Bali by Night

Eau de Parfum
Jil Croquet - Jil Croquet Parfum

Jil: It is getting dark on the island of Bali and the tropical heat of the day slowly recedes. It is finally cool enough for the evening flowers to open and fill the still air with their bewitching scent. The river releases the last drifting boats, swollen with exotic fruits, precious woods and rare spices. The silhouettes of the thousand-year-old temples stand out in the twilight, reflecting in the blue lagoon in the light of the rising moon, time has no hold sway.

Bali By Night is a soft, fresh and sensual scent, opening on an elegant, sweet and watery pear that introduces the exquisite and seductive gardenia. At the heart of the perfume, a bouquet of lilies, roses and mimosa brings lightness and serenity to the blend. The sweetness of vanilla and sandalwood combined with the character of musk and amber defines a mysterious and charming aura.

Dave: Juicy, ripe pear and breezy florals settle into a soft bed of creamy-smooth, musky wood. A subtly sexy tropical fruity-floral.

Bali by Night Notes: Pear, gardenia, lily, mimosa, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk.

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