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Amongst Waves

Eau de Parfum
Daniel Gallagher - Gallagher Fragrances

Daniel:  Amongst Waves came to be after I had a sudden urge to create something that was a bit more fruity "aquatic" than the pre-existing "aquatic" fragrances in today's market. This fragrance was released in Spring, just in time for Summer, so the bright and playful notes of Green Apple, Honeydew, and Lime Zest, were carefully chosen to evoke a "greeness" for Spring and an easy-going playfulness for Summer. The Sea Salt/Aquatic Notes bring out the best of the top notes by adding a sophisticated layer of brininess, with the intoxicating base note of aged Patchouli rounding out the drydown. Note that each batch of Amongst Waves that I produce will feature a different shade of blue-green, just like the ocean from one moment to the next.

Dave: Juicy honeydew melon, fresh and fruity florals - herbal patchouli and sea-salted vanilla. A summer picnic at the ocean.

Amongst Waves Notes: Ginger, green apple, honeydew, lime zest, orange, pomegranate, aquatic notes, iris, sea salt, tulip, patchouli and vanilla bean.

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