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Eau de Toilette
Shawn Maher - Chatillon Lux

Shawn: In the 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis, many culinary standards of today were first introduced to a mass audience. In addition, Saint Louis coffee roasters also gained prominence, making it one of the country's leading coffee producers in the early 20th century.

While today, there are some of the finest third-wave coffee roasters around, some of the brands producing classic, deep-roasted coffee still exist today. This scent was inspired by that type of classic coffee, combined with notes that reflect the grandeur of Forest Park in its greatest moment.

Dave: Rich, nutty coffee spiced by cool cardamom weaves its way through jammy fruit and jasmine to a smooth base of creamy sandalwood. Bright and fresh, with substance.

1904 Notes: Coffee, cardamom, jasmine, lime and sandalwood.

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