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Scent Tattoo

Eau de Parfum
Christophe Laudamiel - The Zoo


Dream “We love Scotland, the surprising, acrobatic moves of those gorgeous kilts, free spirits moving to the beat of a sensual dance"

Scent Soft leather and so called masculine woods join forces to recreate the compelling atmosphere of a military performance. Sexy musks with the fibery note of African cedar from the Atlas region recreate the feeling of gorgeous tartan fabric. Molecular Sandalwood and spiciness from lilies accentuate sensuality. Mimosa, a fluffy flower whose extract smells naturally of leather, blends the different elements together. A touch of bright watery notes found in blackcurrant and grapefruit lighten up the top of the fragrance like a mini dance on a strong flowing sensual background.

Twist Exact same fragrance oil and concentration as Club Design 692, also by The Zoo.
{ Garment Fragrance }

Dave: Polished black boots, new tires - dark berries and musk, spiced blond woods - powdered and sueded and sweet. A little bit biker-jacket and a little bit clean bondage, "Scent Tattoo" maintains a unique balance between the animalic and the prophylactic. Dead sexy.

Scent Tattoo Notes: Blackcurrant, grapefruit, lilies, styrax, leather note, mimosa, leather, musks, Atlas cedarwood, sandalwood

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