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"The American Perfume Revolution is Here" - Dave Kern, AMERICAN PERFUMER®

August 28, 2018

The American Perfume Revolution Is Here.

Free of big branding, marketing campaigns and focus groups, American Perfumers are challenging to be the best in the world. If it's about what's IN the bottle, then the takedown of the old world gatekeepers is simply a matter of time. Bringing with them a distinctly American point-of-view, these Perfumers have learned the rules and are now breaking them with beautiful results. New traditions are being created and old paradigms shattered.  

In the spirit of the first craft brewers, the pioneering winemakers in Napa and the avant-garde chefs and artists dominating today’s discussions on innovation, Americans Perfumers are shaking off the old and taking the lead in ushering in the new.

Twenty years in the making, this movement is taking shape right now in American Perfumery. One artisan perfumer after another, dreaming, blending, bottling, following their own vision and inspiration. Separate but equal and free to break new ground.

Join the Revolution.