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Step By Step

Extrait de Parfum
Kevin Verspoor - PERFUME KEV

Kevin: Being a multi-sensorial synesthete I experience music, smell, texture & color all together. Music, in particular, has always been a tremendous creative source for me in developing new fragrances. For Step By Step, I was inspired by the song of the same name written by Annie Lennox, and performed by Whitney Houston and Ms. Lennox over a spectacular remix by Junior Vasquez. It’s a wonderfully big and joyful song with a powerful rhythm enhanced by a prominent church organ. It’s deeply complex but instantly lovable.

The vocalists are represented by two major floral notes. Whitney Houston’s powerful voice is centered around the full-bodied orange flower note of Neroli. Annie Lennox's enigmatic voice is represented a special Indian rhododendron flower. It’s extremely beautiful and very unique. The church organ is represented by bright ecstatic citrus notes as well as natural apple essences. Juniors driving rhythm is represented by a deep, roasted Myrrh combined with Frankincense and Benzoin. The entire fragrance is then wrapped in a huge vibrant vanilla ambergris note which corresponds to the voluminous quality of the music.

This song has brought so much happiness to my life that I had to interpret it into a perfume.   

Dave: Kevin Verspoor has announced his independence with this knockout, no-expense-spared parfum strength fougere. Step By Step is big and bright and flat-out gorgeous. Classically designed, its rich balsams and resins both preserve the fragrance and allow it to become more diffusive, round and plush over time. After being the man behind the curtain for clients big and small over the past 20 years, this is Kevin unchained. We don't have the discipline for signature scents, but, if forced to choose, "Step By Step" is at the top of the shortlist. We're proud to say it's exclusive to AMERICAN PERFUMER®.

Step By Step Notes: Top; Grand eau de cologne, neroli, Ceylon rhododendron leaves and flowers, dianthus blossom, vanilla orchid.
Mid; vanilla, petitgrain bigarade, geranium, four different types of lavender, jasmine sambac & grandiflorum, rosa damascena & centifolia, vanilla, incense, myrrh oil, cistus oil, olibanum oil.
Base; Petitgrain abs, sweet purest vanilla, classic orchid, warm balsams (myrrh sfe, benzoin sfe, peru balsam, tolu balsam, olibanum), light animalic notes, modern musk, modern ambergris signature, iralia (violet-iris).