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Lamplight Penance

Shawn Maher - Chatillon Lux

Shawn: Lamplight Penance is the portrait of Henri Chatillon, the hero of The Oregon Trail who retired from a life of adventure after the passing of his dearly beloved wife, the daughter of an Oglala chief. Living an unfamiliar city life, surrounded by creature comforts and verdant gardens he secretly longs for his past life of adventure and heroism.

This is a portrait of his furtive rendezvous with his past memories of his former life and departed love hidden in the attic floorboards by the light of a burning oil lamp, ruminating on his artifacts of the trail. It is the juxtaposition of two worlds that live in not in harmony, but at least in proximity.

Dave: Sweet stone fruit and smoky lamp oil - warm wood and musky, whisky-soaked leather. Memories of a moment in time. Challenging - and rewarding.

Lamplight Penance Notes: Berries, peaches, daffodils, orange blossoms, lamp oil, burning wick, bourbon, red cedar, mahogany, brown liquor, musk.

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